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A fill for the SOCIALLY AWKWARD CONVERSATIONALIST request! Romance the lovely Eileen with your smooth tongue, you devil.

Included in the zip are Windows, Mac and Linux distributions.

[edit: I reuploaded the game! the "myname" bug should be fixed now!]

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An event


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You like Castlevania, don't

You like Castlevania, don't you?

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do you think love can bloom

even on a battlefield?

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Brilliant, but...

"%(myname)s"? What's that about?

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That's really strange, it

That's really strange, it should be saying the player's name! It works fine on my copy...maybe I just need to reupload the game?

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It works the first time,

It works the first time, just not in the MGS ending.

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This is soooo lovely.

This is soooo lovely.

Wow, soooo juicy

At first I thought you just kinda was having fun with it.. But when I found out this was a commission idea? I am so thoroughly impressed. This one should be played a little more. I find out it exists as a base idea and the fact you pulled it off so well shows that you met and exceeded expectations. This release is at the heart of pirate kart. I hope they saw it and enjoyed it as much as we did! much love. keep on uggin it.