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Eric is in bed now, but I can't wait to let him play with Alphaboogie.


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Congratulations! I'm


I'm totally going to make that one idea I had for that thing.


My son turned 1 a couple of days ago and we also bought him a baby. Although the idea of Vtech is good it's still a bit confusing for him... He likes the slider on top best and that's just the one thing he should keep his little fingers off :-)

Anyways I had the thought of hacking the baby and the best way to start doing that is looking around on the internet if anybody else already did it...

I was hopeful in my search but it turned out that the only one having the same idea (so far) is you.

From now on your site is my number one! v.*smile* ;-)

My idea is to have a picopc and develop that in a baby game console... hope your driver for the remote will come through!

Cheers, Alex.

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My son loves to hit the

My son loves to hit the "Exit" button, but mostly in standalone mode. :)

Have you got the IR sensor already? I can zip up the current stuff for you to play with if you like. There's still a fair amount of protocol hacking to be done (I've noticed recently that holding down two buttons seems to give different release codes (!) when you let them go) and configuring which buttons on the V.Smile produce which keystrokes requires editing python code, but you're certainly welcome to play with it if you're willing to get your hands dirty!

Are you planning to run Windows on your PicoPC?