Jugglers Juggling Jugglers

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Wherein I accidentally make a game styled after something ExciteMike would make. Maybe.

Use the mouse to move your Juggler.
Collide with the falling Jugglers to juggle them.
Falling Jugglers can juggle other Jugglers, too!

How many can you keep in the air at once?

Music by Torley.

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An event



This game is excellent. I can only juggle six jugglers for as long as it takes for the sixth juggler to fall down the screen but it's an amazing!

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"Source code" release.

"Source code" release.

JugglingJugglers_3_src.mfa7.59 MB

I love juggling games, as I

I love juggling games, as I juggle a lot. This one was a real treat, thanks for sharing.