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Welcome to Grosstown, a place where being disgusting is the only way to live. Unfortunately, an evil monster seems to be lurking in the sewers, the towns source of water and nutrition. It's up to you, PUS, to save the town.

Or it would have been if I'd finished!

Arrows to move, enter/Z key to interact.

Open RPG_RT to run (the icon is a guy with a sword)

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An event


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i love those graphics

i love those graphics

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I'm very glad you made this!

I'm very glad you made this! I badly wanted to do something in the style of Space Funeral for Pirate Kart V but never found the time, so I'm happy that you were able to. I'm guessing there's no 'good' ending, but please let me know if I'm mistaken.

The error house was amazing. Nice work on the soundtrack too, I found it quite gross.