Dark Scorcerer

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Use dark scorcery to achieve the highest score possible without allowing it to crush you.

Ryleigh Kostash
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An event


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I scored 4 is that good?

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People LOOOOOOOVED this at

People LOOOOOOOVED this at GDC.

that's wonderful to hear,

that's wonderful to hear, thanks for letting me know

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Oh, man, this is SO GOOD. I

Oh, man, this is SO GOOD. I could play this for an ungodly amount of time.

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I chortled heartily the

I chortled heartily the first time I was killed by my own score.

YES YES YES X 1981001987166223331

MY GOD I love this game. As was probably obvious by playing it until I achieved Infinite Scorcery during GDC.

:'D i'm honored you hogged

:'D i'm honored you hogged the station to play my game

Look at that title screen

The lettering! I should check this one out.

wow, this one's tuff, but fun... love the sound effects.