Klik of the Month Klub #17

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Sat, Nov 15 2008 05:00 PM
11/15/2008 - 16:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action. Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

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Games made for Klik of the Month Klub #17


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-Glorious Trainwrecks Klik Scene Intro-

For Klik sceners!

Go forth and attach it to the start of your games, that was the whole point.

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Looq carefully.

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Dude, this deserves more

Dude, this deserves more than a 2 word description. Seriously... I tried it that night, thought it was just a cute vaguely semi-interactive demo, and moved on, but gave it another try after dess linked it with "pong with the blackbox puzzle". It was pretty cool once I had that little hint...

I know brevity is the soul of wit, and it's cool if you actually provoke someone to explore, but instructions or hints are pretty cool too.

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Robot Constructor

My first attempt at a game for infants! Make all kinds of different robots! All of them are garishly ugly!

A - Yellow Star
S - Blue Triangle
D - Orange Circle
F - Green Square
G - Red Heart

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I was once a child and I can

I was once a child and I can tell you that kids just love this shit because it's garishly ugly.

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mouse heart kitty

a spiritual sequel to the pirate kart classic, SPANK YOUR PUSSY

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I am bitterly disappointed

I am bitterly disappointed in the "engine" I came up with last month.


shades of haunted house on the atari 2600.

except it sucks and it's not quite a game except in the meta sense.

press r to reset

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Ok, so this is more the

Ok, so this is more the kinetic feel I envisioned, but got too dumb about trigonometry and java basic inheritance to do.

Differences are, ghosts bump into you and walls.

And now your aiming isn't constrained to the 8 compass directions like your movement is.

It's still not as cool as I had hoped for.

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Also it's not actually a

Also it's not actually a game. But I think my idea of "spray to figure out which one is a triangle and not a square" isn't really worth more blood sweat and bile.

The good news is, it got me to get better about sine and cosine, and I have a few game ideas that depend on that, so...

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Vampire Crossing

a quick 10 minute trainwreck

(version 1.0 heavily corrupted somehow, so i made it again in FIVE minutes) (this time for real)

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Lunar Caravan

I uh no comment

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I always admire people who

I always admire people who actually think about level design...
the "bump up" mechanic is nifty, sort of like a poor man's broken down Jet Pak...

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This perfectly describes a game I've been working on -- or, at least, what I want it to be like when it's done.

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Where -- feat. lofi

lofi made the music for this. It's the best part about it, really. GO PLAY IT.

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You guys will probably not read this message, but I made a new version of my game, closer to my original vision. Yes, this is "WHERE," DIRECTOR'S CUT. I warn you that there is more than meets the eye to this version of the game. Also, now there is looping music goodness! If you're reading this--you can't pass this up.

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For my money this is

For my money this is definitely the champ of this KotMK-- I'm glad auntiepixelante's coverage of it got me to give downloading the frickin' directX update I needed another try (protip: on the microsoft webpage, shun the small download that is just a loader, down the "developer's version" or whatever that can in theory be bundled... that loader will giveup for opaque (I think software firewall related?) reasons.)

The music was solid, the visuals were fantastic, and the gameplay was new + intriguing, kind of like Mighty Jill Off in reverse.

Thy Firstpersonman

I present for your consideration the epic first person adventure version of Thy Dungeonman, Thy Firstpersonman!

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