Mega Giraffe Rampage 5000

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Terry's favorite tree was foreclosed on by the Elephant Bros. Bank. The rage he feels can only be soothed by a GIRAFFE RAMPAGE!!!

Press Z/X to rotate your neck, and move/jump with the arrow keys. You get more money for killing quicker, and for being less injured. Kill em all!

Made For: 
An event


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Feel free to add this game

Feel free to add this game to the Kickstarter suggestions sheet, my take on this is unfinished and bad in every possible unfun way.

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i really love those

i really love those graphics. it also has all my favourite animals. giraffe, flamingo and a silly elephant thats even smaller than the flamingo. great stuff :)

why should you add it to the kickstarter page? i dont fucking get it.

It's a Kickstarter Reward

Kickstarter reward game... same one he was doing! But more than one person can do each game, so do your rampage too! I made sure to give mine a unique name.