New wikipage: Breathtaking Triumphs

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So, I just added a page to our wiki called Breathtaking Triumphs, which is meant to highlight the absolute best our community has to offer. I haven't frontpaged it yet, but I plan to do so soon. I don't think my initial choices should be too controversial. I assure you that if your game isn't on there, it's not necessarily because I don't think it's a staggering work of genius; I just wanted to get it started with a handful.

Nominate more games in this thread.

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I believe that all of our

I believe that all of our regular members have contributed at least one Breathtaking Triumph, but in some cases I am unsure about what to highlight.

For Six's contribution, I waver between Cats II and Eat The Stairs. (I also have a tender spot for Willy Bee's Vision Quest.)

kirkjerk's tough call is between Conway West and Phoneme Invaders; though I also love the Revenge of the Gods Trilogy.

I have an enduring affection for Haze's Cuberpunk adventure game "Chinese Office Plus", but I'd be interested to hear what the rest of the community has to say about his extensive Klik of the Month Katalogue.

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I applaud this idea. I'd

I applaud this idea. I'd like to see it linked from the sidebar... a quick answer to "well what's really worth looking at if I have limited time"

Unfortunately my mental indexing of what I've seen here isn't well structured to making nominations. :-(

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Willy Bee's Vision Quest is

Willy Bee's Vision Quest is my favourite of Six's. Ostensibly simple yet big dreamin', like a fairytale.
Though if he coughed up HatWorld...

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I'm glad you made this, I

I'm glad you made this, I somehow completely missed the amazing KNP Tetris experience until now.

I second Willy Bee's Vision Quest nomination

i don't dare nominate any of my own trainwrecks, but if you decide on Chinese Office Plus, i humbly request to fiddle around with it first for 15 minutes to "improve" it. for one, there's a HORRENDOUS typo. how'd cyber get left in there?!

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I nominate my own game,

I nominate my own game, Skylathe for it's use of more scaling than the average Klik game.

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was that your driving game

was that your driving game as well, the outrun looking one?

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Right, and what's the name

Right, and what's the name of the Outrun looking one?

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That would be Highway

That would be Highway Speed.

(The Klik of the Month Klub wikipage now has working links and the developer's usernames all the way through for your convenience!)