Quite Soulless

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i just came here to post

i just came here to post this, you big ass

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I read TIGSource faster than

I read TIGSource faster than you, it seems!

I'm installing the demo now, this is the EULA (emphasis added):


10:59 pm. for me it's a time of end of my usual day of work, a lot of graphics created, probably more people had more but achieve less than I (I guess, I heard that somewhere in 'Big Lebovsky', great movie by the way).

Hello, everybody, may be a lot of people start laughing hysterically at the words "FBI PROTECTED, DO NOT COPY, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE AND REDISTRIBUTE", but anyway, please stop for a couple of minutes.

END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, LEGAL AND CREATIVE ART NOTICE for the use of any portions of Quite Soulless and my site content WWW.QUITESOULLESS.COM. Copyrights and other things, credits and negative feedbacks.

If you are still reading, please accept the fact that life is a labyrinth, there is the exit somewhere, but nobody exactly knows where it is.

Please note that you should not install anything from my site on more than 1 computer, should not distribute or redistribute the content, and should use the content only for your personal needs, because I was using a lot of software and sources, so the site and my let say products are the result of the efforts of many people, who wrote that software or created the sources.

Well, I saw somethere the notice, that I should write that the code of my products was not especially approved by any of my licensors. Well, nobody would probably approve something from me, that is true, that was the notice, and below is the list of my licensors:

Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, Simplymedia, EOVIA, E-FRONTIER, OPEN SOURCE GOLDMINE, Cakewalk, Sun Microsystems Inc., ImageMagick, Guerilla Soft, Nullsoft, Joern Themann, Avery Lee, Igor Pavlov, K.Li, Winfrey and many others

Most of those companies and persons are the authors of my products as well as I. Thank them very much.

What else to say?

If my game was seriously published, I would work on the list of licensors much more precise, I don't want to forget somebody, who should be mentioned in the credits.

Thank e-bay auction - it's the place where I bought my best hardware, that was something I need. Please send me another first US atlas, if there is any, I can pay no more that $230 for it.

I've read a lot of books, I want to thank publishers and educators, please keep printing them.

Well, sing my angel of music, grow, Autodesk! Autodesk representative once said, that I am insane. I am not, but I am in love with 3d studio max, the product is a true wonder.

During the process of my work several times my basic human rights were terribly violated by the representatives of the government of Russia. Country of Russia, have your negative feedback!

Vasily Zotov,
11:09 pm, the 29th of March, 2008

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This game is old school. If

This game is old school.

If old school as 1997 and your company had "Compu", "Soft" or "Tech" in their name.

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The IndieGamer and IGDA

The IndieGamer and IGDA threads are required reading. (Though you should probably ignore the dismissive idiots on IndieGamer who think a more "professional" website and better texturing would somehow improve the game.)

The demo is amazing. 600mb gets you a game in which you:

  1. Open a door
  2. Use a keycard with an alien machine
  3. Fight a train with tentacles (as seen in the trailer)
  4. Sit through an unending torrent some incredibly poorly-paced cutscenes, none of which have any coherent connection to any other

I'm seriously considering buying the game. Crazy people gotta eat.

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The indiegamer thread got a

The indiegamer thread got a lot more amazing since the last time I looked at it.

The author singing
The author stripping

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What do we have to do to get

What do we have to do to get this guy to come here?

More wisdom from the IDGA thread, from the man himself (emphasis mine):

I will not work not alone (only as a founder and director). So... no jobs for now. No more waitressing (I am a healthy waiter of the 4th degree according to my State documents, I had this enough). To work for somebody sounds like to be in slavery for me. Sir, I am proud to be ALONE.

And sir, did you have a chance to be tortured with the use of chemistry methods in your home third world country? That's not the socio-economical issue. I want to fight back. I want to name the prosecutors behind the torture. I want to spread their names. Everythere. I want my home country to be shown at BBC, somewhere after the translation of cannibalism.

You do not sound like an artist. Are you an artist or a PROGRAMMER? Be so kind. Just tell us.

I don't believe the LANGUAGE is that important, but MY HEART.

Tell me, were your parents working for the government of your third world country? Tell me are you the product of yourself totally?

Because I believe I know this kind of people. Was it you, I served to in the restaurants?

I seem to be the only INDEPENDENT PERSON at IGDA.

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Freaking ace

Happy birthday?!

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The first puzzle is the

The first puzzle is the installer!

When you put the disc in, it opens an HTML file on the disk by way of a batch file which assumes your CD-ROM is the D: drive. The HTML file has links to the installers for the four episodes. These links are to files with sensible names that look something like "QuiteSoullessInstaller_Episode2.exe".

Not one of these files actually exists on the DVD. Oh, there's four installer EXEs, alright, but they have completely different names, with no coherent naming scheme, such that it is difficult to discern which episode you'd even be installing. And of course these installers are hundreds of megs large, meaning that the game runs completely on your hard drive, and unfortunately hard drive space on my laptop is currently at a premium. So I still haven't played this yet!