The Mountain

Sergey Mohov

The Mountain is a (prototype of a) puzzle/economic strategy game (stripped down to the prototype state), where the player controls a voxel-based mountain in order to manage a settlement at its foot.

Short tutorial: Aether is your action points. You can use it to select bricks in the Mountain and place new ones on top of it. When you run out of aether, you lose. In order to have aether income, you have to maintain Fear/Love balance as close to 0 as you can. To do that, drop bricks of different colors and see how they shift balance (hint: red ones are going to become explosives later on).

The game is turn-based. This has an obvious reason later on, but right now you just have to know that you can select 4 bricks in the front layer per turn.

(look for the Mac version in attachments)

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This is the best strategy game ever; once i got the game mechanics, i got 100 of 100 very quickly!