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I found this while searching for DJ Nastyman's eccentric klik games. I couldn't find any, which is a shame. :( But this is sort of a nice consolation. Download it here.

The controls, from what I could make out of the event editor when loading it in Klik & Play: (turn numpad on)

7,8,9,0 -- select inventory

CTRL -- use inventory

Also, be sure to enable sound since it has voicework.

(Edit: I guess some Nastyman games are still around, just not the adventure games SRSX is referencing.)

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Nastyman has been around for

Nastyman has been around for a long, long time. And he certainly isn't leaving anytime soon. Probably one of the most prolific klik authors over the years. I think I had "My Goorginal", one of the Bubble Girl games, and some pong game of his.

Speaking of which, I lost my archive of quality KnP games years ago, partially due to a crash, and partially due to deciding I needed more space on a 3gb HD. Somewhere I've got a list of games I'd really like to find again, but recent searching proved fruitless. I've only found two of them, and they were both re-compiled in later Klik products, rendering event inspection impossible.

An exciting platformer story adventure. Battle a large dancing coke bottle! Explore underground caves! Save an underwater city! Befriend an eyeball with wings! Throw coconuts at a helicopter!
Recompiled version found.

Mr. Malibus
Pretty much just kirby-like characters with FF music and poor platformer controls. But it had a world map, puzzles, and a functional boss fight.
Not found yet.

Seven winds or something?
Really nice art, but it was just shooting at a bouncing ball object. Had an attempt at AI and a story, but rather poor. Touhou difficult.
Not found yet.

Funny Furries 2 Xmas Edition
Incredible friction, inertia, and water physics in KnP. Two players jump around and shoot weapons, while bouncing on springs, hovering above fans, and swimming in water. I remember opening it up in KnP and having no idea what was going on.
Recompiled version found.

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Oh boy, I found it and a

Oh boy, I found it and a sequel here:,

I still remember his KNP game about three people who transform into cyborg cats. I think it was called ... Cats?

Did you ever play Freddy Trims a Tree, back in the day? It was a point and click adventure with multiple endings and stuff.

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Why yes, I did play Freddy

Why yes, I did play Freddy Trims a Tree. Stupid dog wanted to knock down all the ornaments.

A friend first showed me that game, on a good old-fashioned floppy. I couldn't finish it until he gave me the hint to use the axe on the floorboards. I can't remember what was supposed to be under there, though. A dead body, maybe? And don't forget the christmas midi music!

edit: and here's a link!

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Wow, thanks for the link. I

Wow, thanks for the link. I haven't even SEEN that game in a decade. I recall that my computer at the time had trouble handling all the objects on the title screen.

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Flash Version of Freddie Trims a Tree

A little bit of modified soundfonts for the midis... Now anyone can enjoy it!

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Mr. Malibus

I'm loving the choice of music files on this one. The gameplay looks nice. The video is entertaining and not too intrusive let's playish. And the guy who rereleased this has a Mr. Stump's Dentures 2 demo that looks GORGEOUS.

Anyway, one found, I didn't post it earlier because it's such an easy find now but there's no replies so I am doing my part..

Keep on uggin it..

Rep the Ug, get the Ugg Boots!

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I remember playing the

I remember playing the Vitalized version of Mr. Malibus. It was pretty neat until the game mysteriously stopped working in the cave level.

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"Furballz: Recompiled

"Furballz: Recompiled version found." Yes, but where?