Holidays 2008

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So, is something special going to happen this December issue of Klik of the Month? I think it should. Even though I'll be pretty busy, but I hope I can make it.

Any ideas?

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Whoa, Christmas is in three

Whoa, Christmas is in three weeks. It'd definitely be fun to do something special, even if it was a month-long thing instead of just a one-off for the Klik of the Month.

Maybe we could do some sort of collaborative game in the spirit of PizzaTime's Xmas ADVENTure? Though of course we'd already technically be behind schedule.

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Yeah, that one's really

Yeah, that one's really something!

I like new years eve better than Christmas, so I'd like to do something related to that. Also, as I said, I don't have much time, so something of a quickie would be best, in my opinion!

A game that gets passed around, and each has a day to change it/add things to it? I could start it, if need be. Of course, if I start it I'll make it involve fireworks and not Santas, probably; but the rest can still change it to suit their tastes. The end result would be a gallery showing each of the different games resulting from this exercise, and how it changed with each person, not only the final game, so people don't feel like they're not allowed to take things out. I'd say changing what you get as much as possible should be encouraged, in fact.

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I have always liked the idea

I have always liked the idea of the take-turns-modifying-the-game collaborations, because given our tools, that's about the best kind of collaboration we can take on right now. Our beloved captaincabinets proposed a similar idea a while ago, but sadly no one ever kicked the whole thing off. Please feel free to start such a project!

I rather like your gallery idea because then the whole thing can be completely asynchronous; instead of having to organize when people are going to take ownership of the "master copy" and making sure it gets into the next person's hands, multiple people could modify the same version if they felt like it, and different branches could emerge. At no time would someone have the itch to work on it but not be able to because someone else is hogging the project.

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I guess it, at the very least, won't hurt if I start this, and then everyone can just hop in if they feel like it. Right? Right, I guess I'll do it when I have some time. If anyone has a better idea, go ahead, though!

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Guys, I can't do it until after the 22, probably. Caught up in school stuff. Sorry! If someone wants to start it, go ahead.

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Of course I want to make a Christmas game...

... but I haven't finished my Halloween game yet!

This is always my problem with making seasonal games. I only want to work on them during the season they're for, but I never get them done before the actual day of the seasonal holiday. (Deep down, I think The Nightmare before Christmas was a result of procrastination.)

But, yes, I totally have a game I need to make.

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Dredle Quest or something.

We could just do a Chanukah game instead, we could get it done in eight days.

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Well, if we do the thing I

Well, if we do the thing I said, you can make your game about Hanukkah. Or some other such deal where everyone makes something different, but as a group, somehow. Personally, religious holidays don't really inspire me.