A Klikmas Mirakle: Klik of the Month Klub #18

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Sat, Dec 20 2008 05:00 PM
12/20/2008 - 16:00
12/20/2008 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action. Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

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Games made for A Klikmas Mirakle: Klik of the Month Klub #18


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I have at least two christmas parties lined up for that night.

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now you have three.

now you have three.

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So because I'm that kind of shmuck and like to parlay snow into reasons to avoid everything in life, I might end up blowing off both parties.

But I wasn't sure, so I made my game in 2 hours.

Like last year's Sugardum Fairy, I will probably turn this into a set of personalized online virtual christmas cards.

SNOWNO! Menacing snowmen are hovering menacingly over your snowy field, looking very menacing.
You must use your trusty slingshot to clear the skies above your ice-encrusted wonderland.
(I didn't have time to add a timer and make it a proper game, so right now it's just a hovering snowman destruction simulator)

This features procedurally generated snowmen (not that it matters so much, in retrospect) and - seriously - handcrafted 2D cel-shading.

If I'm home I will hang out online and be part of our very Mirakulous Klikmas event.

2008.12.20.snowno.png7.24 KB
snowno.zip233.11 KB
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Here is a more fleshed out

Here is a more fleshed out version, with title and end screens, a timer, and how many snowballs you used. Plus some improvements to the physics

snownoplus.zip257.51 KB
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I will prepare something,

I will prepare something, but not during the KOTMK due to time. 4pm PT is somewhere in the night in central Europe.

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Christmas Present Grab

A fun game of keep-away for four players, when the family is over on Christmas day.

presentgrab.zip203.49 KB
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very nice look to this game

very nice look to this game and I like the disappearing snowprints but what's up with the push mechanic? I couldn't get it to work...

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You really have to be right

You really have to be right on top of a snowman/snow person/snow chap before you can push them over and it leads to problems with the snow chaps becoming unpushable when they are standing still. I guess that's the peril of not having enough time to add a pushing animation.

I feel that I shall have to go back to this sometime to fix up this problem.

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I somehow got two presents

I somehow got two presents to appear at once, but then one of them disappeared after some more snowman-shovin'. I'm not sure how this fits in with the violent Christmas allegory you're trying to tell -- did the present break into two when I shoved the present-carrying snowman (presumably representing my little brother, if I had one) to the ground? Did him pushing me back while he held half of his gift and I held the other half somehow merge the two pieces together again, correcting years of brotherly abuse?

Truly, this is a rich work ripe for interpretation.

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Christmas Democracy

I can't really draw, so I just crappily cut out images. Join Axl Rose in his quest to end world poverty by distributing OLPCs.

xmasdemocracyss.PNG149.31 KB
xmasdemocracy.zip1.03 MB
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Nice, fitting music by lofi.

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explode.zip2.3 MB
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the world needs more gently

the world needs more gently explodey things.

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I admit I giggled out loud

I admit I giggled out loud at this one. Yay crappily cut out clip art!

(does it ever end?)

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I admit I giggled out loud

ugh, it looks like I'm replying to the wrong thing!

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There is no end to the Christmas miracle showers of OLPCs.

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I replied to a comment by mistake. :(

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The Chistmas Sweater

EDIT: Uploaded a slightly revised version in which you can't get stuck forever in the New Year's Baby level.

After wasting 45 minutes screwing around in Construct and Megazeux, I cranked this fucker out in Klik & Play.

I don't really know how to explain it except to say please don't give up before finishing the platforming section. That last jump to the left requires a running start.

Chistmas.zip464.08 KB
chistmas.png89.1 KB
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I love the KNP platform

I love the KNP platform engine and how your sprite emphasizes the ability to grab the bottom of platforms with your head and back.

and holy shit what is going on with that middle screen?

and I thought i was doing pretty well at not dropping the baby but then it seemed to burst right through. Is there a different screen I missed?

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I'm assuming that's the same

I'm assuming that's the same bug that caused the level to never end if K&P didn't notice that the baby left the screen on the bottom. Spotty collision detection will be the order of the day when you have to hack gravity in there, I guess!

The middle screen represents Sweater Guy's anxiety and self-loathing. Possibly he writes erotic Wil Wheaton fanfic?

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lesson learned, dont ask

lesson learned, dont ask questions

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I didn't even get to the

I didn't even get to the part where he accidentally mails it out with his Chistmas cards instead of his family form letter

In the story he sends out, Sweater Guy checks Wil Wheaton's swim trunks for leeches

(ok that was probably over the line)

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balls not bombs


juggleme.zip119.57 KB
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well, I've been less whelmed.

well, I've been less whelmed.

This one and Explode make me think about the ungoodness of using the mouse pointer as an avatar, especially when only the hot spot of the mouse pointer matters. There are those flash games the replace the mouse w/ just the hot spot, which is actually pretty engaging. Also a big target reticule would be a hint. But having a big klutzy ineffective mouse pointer is kind of a negative.

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balls not bombs v2

after playing explode i realized that this game would work a lot better with mouseover instead of mouseclick (which makes the bombs into genuine obstacles, too). a half-hour's extra work produced the attached file. i used your playerpal 2600 for the sprites, by the way!

juggleme.zip119.7 KB
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Oh jeez, that's like 10x

Oh jeez, that's like 10x better.
(Still tough though... 5 or 6 times through and I still wasn't clearing 40)

Also, the sound of catching is perfect, like bubblewrap.

Still wonder if gluing an avatar to the mouse might A. make it easier to catch balls which seems to be the hard part B. feel more old school, because now there's the interaction of the deliberately lowrez balls and bombs and the highrez mouse pointer.

Yeah, I guess 2600 Playerpal would be a pretty painless way of generating authentic-ish Atari 2600 sprites... relatively few of the non hardcore-2600-wonks "get" the "one color per scanline" which really defined the look of the thing, it wasn't just low-rez.

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Construct dangerous Snow men to fight an evil Christmas-ruining spirit!

edit: this version should run a bit faster.

snowmanmageddon.png27.46 KB
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Sweet! Loved the inexorably


Loved the inexorably marching snowminions , because the flamethrower was such a perfect touch.

Tough game!

Was this inspired by the idea backlog I posted or is this just a slightly more obvious concept than I would've guessed?

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I hadn't read your list,

I hadn't read your list, although your early screenshot may have influenced my use of snowmen.

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Yeah, I see it was snapman

Yeah, I see it was snapman who was asking about doing it, though maybe more the "robot" variation.

Your implementation was great, in part just what I was imagining, but then answering some questions I never thought of the answers to.
(Actually I cheated to actually see the win screen)

Gamewise, There's something very appealing about not always doing the fighting by yourself, that little bit of indirection and delegation. Plus, who doesn't love minions?

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Tough, indeed. I ruined Christmas about 7 or 8 times.

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um(tm): a gorilla eurochistmas triptych

cranked out in half an hour but i still don't have an excuse

um.PNG41.33 KB
um.zip135.44 KB
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Is there a goal of clearing

Is there a goal of clearing the Chismas message out from monkeys?

Or is this a game that doesn't NEED your bour-jwah GOALS, MAN

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psh, goals

I think I laughed the hardest at this one...totally hilarious.

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The constantly-randomly-positioned ring looks like film scratches, somehow.

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Aghh! Panic


Really really rushed, but playable! Get it here. Stay calm.

This is my first KOTM. yey!

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This is actually a really

This is actually a really promising idea for a game, but between the army of pink guys defusing the bombs, and only being able to detonate back at the base (at least I think that's what's happening) it's SO tough!

Or maybe I'm a wuss.

I dig the anti-Lemming feeling of it.

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Cheers, glad you liked it :D Sorry it's a bit tough, didn't really have a whole lot of time to balance things...

The basic idea grew out of wanting to take the whole "tower defence" thing and give the player more direct control - the lemmings thing didn't occur to me at all but I think that's pretty interesting :)

I actually might come back to the concept with another approach - I've got a few ideas for changing the basic mechanics that I think might be pretty interesting...

(Your game was looking pretty polished - very snazzy for 2 hours! )

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Oh, right, now that I'm

Oh, right, now that I'm thinking about it, the TD thing is obvious, I think it's the way the enemies were so frequent (I think there's some fairly easy KNP trickery that could make it a less steady stream) and so in lockstep that made me think Lemmings, esp after you hit the "ok send them all" button.

As for the toughness, yeah... I couldn't beat a level. The mechanic was kind of tricky to figure out, so maybe I wasn't doing that right either?

I dunno enough about KNP to guess about getting the AI a little better, fake some pathfinding... tricky.

I'm pleased w/ the polish of my game, but I've been slipping, the last few go-rounds I haven't quite made a game in the alotted time, and either left it as a pretty demo or come back to game it out a bit. (Processing, the java-y language I usually code in, can import GIFs etc but I've been digging using its "more native language" of squares and lines and circles.)

And speaking of polish, and OLPC (well someone else was speaking of OLPC) The other thing is I totally stole the "how to cheaply make a slingshoty thing look good" from my OLPC Physics Game Jam team entry "Babel" . (If I ever bother to learn to use Java wrapper to Box2D for physics WATCH OUT MAN - YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'LL BE MESSING WITH)

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Good show, everyone!

Yep. As always.

Some of these games look

Some of these games look particularly promising and there are aspects of each that combine to make something more than a little bit significant. It just goes to show that once one seed of an idea is planted into the brain, others are happy to run with it and execute the improvements. As long as we can cut the annoying grass away from the promising bits hidden underneath.

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A spambot selling artificial

A spambot selling artificial grass?
Are you fucking me?

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It's quite the convincing

It's quite the convincing spambot. I really want to by that grass now.

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Spindley, no! Now I will

Spindley, no! Now I will never be able to buy that fake grass that I totally desire! I mean, how else am I supposed to make myself a decent fake grass skirt?

Didn't realise it was a spambot on first glance, to be honest. I think it deserves an A for effort. PLUS it totally inspired me to look through KOTMK #18, which I might not otherwise have done, woo!