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After dess mentioned she used my browser-based Atari 260 graphics editor to get authentic looking retro sprites, theblackmask gave me encouragement to go with my idea of making a "batari BASIC generator" in it... so now it spits out a ready-to-compile-and-run move your animated sprite on the screen program.

So I'm feeling a little burned out, but my next idea is a "kickstart" guide on getting an emulator and batariBASIC up and running... "from zero to your first atari program in half an hour or double your money back!" - is anyone interested in that?

Also, I'll put in a word that there are crazy amounts of homebrew ambition happening at both in the batariBASIC and also the more traditional straight ASM boards..

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Yes yes guide please I've

Yes yes guide please

I've been meaning to try batari basic for the longest time, and something like that would be both extra incentive and extremely helpful!

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i am also interested!

i am also interested!

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Alright, I see what I can

Alright, I see what I can do.

I dunno if I have an over-inflated sense of my writing ability, especially in breaking down things I'm highly familiar with myself, but some of the stuff out there gets so lost in the weeds of random text editors or hard core disassemblers, etc, i don't see how it lowers the barriers to entry.

(To be fair, the big command list document was better organized than I realized, I thought it was all just alphabetic, because the alphabetical index is so promimently featured... anyway)

The other thing is, there's a IDE out there, but I think it just adds confusion and complexity to something that can be pretty damn straight forward... but I'm not sure if that's just me, and my comfort with DOS commandlines, and my UI blindness, or what.

So we'll see. ..