Development suspended... in favour of something MORE AWESOME!

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Rather than push through with a project that is actually fairly ambitious and ill-defined in terms of game design, I have decided that the smart thing to do is to shelve "hax0r" for the time being in favour of a project that catches my fancy at the moment.

Now, in 1993, in the heart of the era of gaming that this very site celebrates, I was a young boy of eleven years. I knew enough BASIC to be dangerous, and gosh darn it, I was going to start a shareware games company with my best friend Roman. Together, we created a game whose only redeeming value was the fact that we had managed to make digitized speech sort of work in QBasic by running an external VOC-playing program. We called it, "The Alien Zit".

Today, I remembered a promise that I'd made to a good friend, many years ago. A... a sacred promise. On her deathbed, maybe. It was very serious. I promised her that I would remake The Alien Zit with modern technology. For too many years, I had forgotten that promise, but now, my way is clear.

Prepare, unsuspecting world, for ALIEN ZIT 2000.



You have a good point there!!!

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Do I now? That was a nice

Do I now?

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