Minor Celebrity on the Red Carpet

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Talk to the celebrities on the red carpet to try to raise your status. Be warned, the celebs might ignore you (especially if they're A-list). Raise your status to 50 before the awards show begins and you'll get your name in the magazines!

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An event


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Casting the player as a dude

Casting the player as a dude in a blue bowtie with curly red hair among a parade of blonde women and brown-haired men is a bit on the nose, but works to other the player within the confines of Hollywood stereotypes.

It's definitely easier to play it safe and only talk to D and C-listers, but I actually like the heavy emphasis on randomness. A more rigid design -- say, one where celebrities of a certain class only talk to you when you're above a certain status -- would make the celebrities feel less human. It gives meaning to the risk of talking to an A-lister, knowing there is some chance of success.

I also appreciate the glitch ending, where the player chooses to reject the entire system and walk offscreen, never to return.