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Babelfish wrote:

This or was a warships carnivore mashup.

*Extreme bicycle activity!
*Beautifully the parallax background which is detailed -- That moving!
In check point *Continue!
*An of facing each other all of a sudden does to make surprise the set! which
*Withheld ends! The mystery endures.
*Happy new year!


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i sure would love to

i sure would love to download and play this game

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agh oops

agh oops

bikewar.zip692.55 KB
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this is everything wonderful

this is everything wonderful about klik & play games

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Yes, this is quite

Yes, this is quite excellent.

I notice you've stopped pixelating your avatar!

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Oh, god, this is great! I

Oh, god, this is great!

I hadn't figured on how, with enough care, you can make a nifty shooter in KNP!

I especially liked the arching rockets dropping bombs.