i am making some games in 2009, part one.

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hi! how are you? myself, i just moved to a new place -- nice enough, but it has a few problems -- and thanks to a misunderstanding with the previous tenant, am stuck without internet for a while. but come hell or high water, i'm still going to follow through on my new year's challenge, which is to make and post a game every day this month.

i'm also trying to expand my game-makin' horizons a bit, especially now that i no longer have a computer that can run klik'n'play.

so, having said all that, here's my first game of the year, entitled: "I Don't Know How To Use Construct, Or, My Fridge Is A Deafening Power Glutton And A Breeding Ground For Spreads Of Ill Repute."

happy new year, glorious trainwrecks!

(in 7zip form to meet size constraints, sorry if that's a problem. uses this newfangled 'mpeg layer-3' technology, is why.)

fridg-ew.7z3.76 MB


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how to play: i... i guess

how to play: i... i guess you should try to get rid of some of those spreads? don't get any on you. i mean, it won't kill you, but you'll probably want to take a shower afterwards.

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(p.s. i can almost promise these games will get better okay)

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Hey, Construct has some nice

Hey, Construct has some nice little physics packed in there!

I kind of wish the little Six-head wasn't constantly rotating; makes it a lot harder to avoid the spread.

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yeah, that's a decent little

yeah, that's a decent little mechanic!

more feedback about success and failure would be worthwhile.