Pirate Kart V launcher: For my Megazeux games, will I need to include a copy with EACH game or only ONE?

I just did Ludum Dare Mini 32 with 19 Megazeux games and 1 Sega Master System game, and am hoping to upload the games I made to Pirate Kart V. Apparently, uploading them all as 1 archive is not a good idea, so I'm trying to split them into 20.

Will I need to include MegaZeux in *every* archive that needs it?


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MegaZeux doesn't make an

MegaZeux doesn't make an exe? It's definitely easiest at my end if games are as self-contained as possible, but supporting megazeux doesn't look too hard. I can basically just make the launcher do "mzxrun.exe ", right?

So I guess: if you want them to work from the launcher right away, include megazeux (and maybe a batch file so that the launcher knows what to do). Otherwise, um, use the bug report in the launcher or something so I don't forget I need to add support for it (and mention which games I can use to test it).

(launcher is here: http://kart5.s3.amazonaws.com/piratekartv-pregdc.zip )

I ended up doing the

I ended up doing the mzxrun.exe approach. My current concern however is my Sega Master System entry - it has Mednafen bundled with it but that needs a command line parameter, although that has a "run.bat".

EDIT: Something that comes to mind, for the megazeux entries it should be possible to do "mzxrun startupfile=0001-redblues.mzx" for instance.