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This is not game related, but it reminded me of Glorious Trainwrecks in spirit.

Album-a-Day collects albums made in a single day. That's pretty much it. Making a whole album (20 minutes or 30 songs, at least, according to their requirements) in 24 hours must be pretty tough, though, but I think I'll join in one of these days. And it will be awesome.

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It's not so tough if you go

It's not so tough if you go the grindcore way and do fifty songs in ten minutes that all sound the same.

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God, I haven't seen that

God, I haven't seen that page since I regularly read Triangle and Robert, which was a very, very long time ago. (Patrick Shaughnessy's 3 album-a-days in a row are very near the top of that page, if you're wondering where the retarded fourth-wall-breaking-webcomic connection is.) It wasn't a conscious inspiration for the site, but I'm certain the Crap Art manifesto has been lurking in my subconscious for some time.

I made an album in a day, once, with help on vocals from a friend of mine by the name of Tim (who happens to be a terrible singer). It was unfathomably bad. Only the band name, Traces of Peanuts, was any good. (Thankfully I had the good sense to use a terrible album title instead of wasting "Anaphylactic Rock".) And, okay, the cover art is a decent picture of me in a suit holding up a chocolate bar. But oh man, do you ever not want to hear the improvised vocal stylings of MC Mennonite White Boy.

It's totally a fantastic way to spend an evening, though. I recommend it.