The Fat Man and Circuit Girl

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Hey! Would you like to see the guy who wrote the music for such DOS classics as Wing Commander and The 7th Guest attempt to make a unicycle from a dartboard, a hairbrush, and a hand drill? Would you like to see the woman who created the ultimately hackable C64-on-a-chip embed a NES into a purse, complete with velcro-on controllers?

Then you, my friend, should probably check out The Fat Man and Circuit Girl.

Not a whole lot of videogamey stuff going on here, but they share our spirit of reckless creativity, and the Fat Man is kind of my hero.

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i have the c64-in-a-joystick

i have the c64-in-a-joystick that was built around jeri ellsworth's c64-in-a-chip. someone i will need to attain the technical savvy to flash it with a copy of crossroads II.

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Ace stuff, though they seem

Ace stuff, though they seem pretty awkward in front of a camera. I guess that's what it means to be a nerd. Will watch more of their videos.