Klik of the Month Klub #21

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Sat, Mar 21 2009 04:00 PM
03/21/2009 - 16:00
03/21/2009 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action. Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

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Games made for Klik of the Month Klub #21


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Wait, what time? Are we

Wait, what time?
Are we dealing with DST differently?
Is it 6PM Eastern? (Which I guess would be DST) It used to be 7, but I guess with the pushed up change we're out of synch with the world?

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The time is 4:00pm by my

The time is 4:00pm by my clock, which is now in PDT (GMT-0700) and last month was in PST (GMT-0800). There's supposed to be a whizbang javascript thing that should set the timezone automatically for you if you're logged in and it changed, which appears to have worked for me.

This handy widget might help you out?

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I can participate in this KOTM! Woo! I'll make sure it's a big comeback.

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Woo! :D

Woo! :D

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I've got months of pent-up Klik madness just waiting to be let out tomorrow. Super-excited!

I wasn't able to make it last month because I was in Tacoma, buying a digital piano! Why do I bring this up? I now have the ability to make my own MIDIs! Sure, the usual robotic transcription of sheet music with terrible instrument choice is a delightful thing, but just imagine the possibilities of one-take one-track wait-wait-I-can-do-this stumbling and stuttering piano-playing!

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Sounds like a deal to me!

I might do that same thing too! Or maybe even a vocal track? I hadn't really given it a thought before.

What the fuck, tomorrow already?

I can't decide if I have an idea for this month or not. Like I do, but it's probably more terrible than my previous games.

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You say "more terrible" like

You say "more terrible" like that's a bad thing around here.


If you don't have an idea you can always just wing it. That's what I usually do, and sometimes it even works out.


i would like to make a game this time!

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Please do!

Please do!

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I'm actually going to be

I'm actually going to be able to make it today, too. I've been really sick lately, so I might just have to make a game of that.

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Kind of more of a toy than a game, I'm afraid.
Space to reset the RGB armies. They kind of swarm and flock together and then shoot laser beams at enemy colors.
The faster they move, the faster their lasers recharge. And the more they're flocked, the faster they move.

You can influence the movements a bit with the mouse.

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rgbwar.zip233.11 KB

the giant ghost bee

messed up with the whole real story scene so i had to throw it into the first real level. it worked out i think. you have to collect rose bushes to restore a rose garden! i think everything is somewhat okay, save for the whole glitchy platforms thing.

EDIT: forgot! 's' key to shoot. 'left shift' to jump.

giantghostbee.zip125.32 KB
GAMESggb.gif91.74 KB
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i did that and i got the

i did that and i got the secret mode where you play as the forest

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I've just managed this too.

I've just managed this too. Without having to try the stage more than once!

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He was a Space Hurdler, a

He was a Space Hurdler, a hurdler who would be behurdling maney spaceblocks, collecting space points, and shooting down space hot air balloons. The

space_hurdler.png46.51 KB
Space Hurdler.zip1.25 MB
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And excellent! And that game over screen is like the new 'game over yeaaaaah'.

Yeah, this game has one of

Yeah, this game has one of the best game over screens of 2009. it's also very cool of a game.

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Race Kart

A game of kart racing.

Type "APM" on the title screen for a secret message that would have been more timely if we had the KOtM a week ago.

racekart.zip500.02 KB
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david suzuki is canada's

david suzuki is canada's defender and her greatest warriour.

not particularly finished or playable. but up it goes!

suzu.zip2.17 MB
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I'm so late! Anyway, here's my game.

Password is 5467.

nsbds.zip2.76 MB


not a game it just spins and sprinklesprays

(oh dang, this windows version crawls)

dissdissconfetti.png44.64 KB
dissdiss.zip232.69 KB

crawls, but is still tasty

crawls, but is still tasty looking.

i want to eat it.

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Opposite of Up

You are a piano, which, logically enough, is susceptible to gravity.

falling.zip338.3 KB
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I'm sorry, you're right. I

I'm sorry, you're right. I should have made a different ending for catching no parachutists. I'll whip that up tomorrow.

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Actually, that face was for

Actually, that face was for the ending I got after I did catch some parachutists. The actual expression was more like this:

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Pizzaz Delivery

Step 1: Drive your car to the pizza stack.
Step 2: Drive your car to a house.
Step 3: Walk to that house's door.
Step 4: Deliver a pizza.

Arrow keys move around, space gets out of your car. Robbers attack you when you're out of your car, though, so watch out!

Pizzaz Delivery.zip1.65 MB
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Championship Pen / No-Pen

As promised last month, I have created Championship Pen / No-Pen!

I look forward to seeing screenshots of your high scores.

PenNoPen.jpg51.95 KB
PenNoPen.zip5.29 MB
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This title screen indicates

This title screen indicates you have fairly outstanding eyebrow control.

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I'm sure that's partially a

I'm sure that's partially a trick of the angle of my head. At least I hope so, because damn, now that I look at it, it's terrifying.

Crap, I forgot to sign up,

Crap, I forgot to sign up, and I thought it was on the fifth Sunday like last month because of the month starting on a Sunday. I'll try to join in next month. Maybe I'll even make something this time.

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you people are getting too

you people are getting too good at klik and play.

what you could stand to improve on is zipping a folder containing your game so i don't need to make one myself!

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I've never encountered an

I've never encountered an issue with that... if anything, every game I unzip is usually double-foldered?

  • drop game files into folder -> right-click folder and choose "add to compressed folder" -> upload zip file
  • download game to desktop -> right-click zip and choose "extract to /zipfilename" -> result is zipfilename/zipfilename/gamefiles.gam
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What's ridiculous is that it

What's ridiculous is that it would be completely trivial to have an unzip tool that looked into the zip file and checked whether everything in the zip file was contained in a single folder or not, and create one if not. To my knowledge, one does not exist. (Though I'm not the first person to think of it.)

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I don't usually, but all my

I don't usually, but all my games are single EXEs and don't have all those external K&P files, so I don't think it really matters as much.