Shadow Lancer

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It's a game... Bunch of shadows. Kill things.

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An event


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I liked the image of an

I liked the image of an invisible enemy who can only be seen by the shadow they cast, and the music fit well.

This is a difficult game! Enemies take a bunch of damage and it's not easy to dodge or line up shots with a car that can only turn while also moving forward. Reversing the rotation keys when you either intentionally back up or bounce off a wall makes it easy to compound mistakes in such tight quarters while fleeing from the invisible squares. I found myself needing to resort to a strategy of firing blindly down corridors where I knew turrets were stationed, far enough away that they either wouldn't fire back or where I had enough room to dodge. But I did find myself getting better at maneuvering by the end.

After a bunch of tries I managed to kill all the enemies with 3 HP left, but either the game didn't seem to acknowledge this or I couldn't find an exit.

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this is really difficult I had 4 left ): I quit temporarily because I was becoming stressed lol