Community Chainwreck Deadline

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Fri, Apr 17 2009 09:00 PM
04/17/2009 - 20:00

See here for details about our first Community Chainwreck!

Sign up below to be reminded a couple of days in advance to PM your levels to snapman.

Games made for Community Chainwreck Deadline


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Limited Time Offer!

Hey, everybody. 4 days to go, and I've only gotten levels from Kirkjerk so far. The chain is looking pretty short at the moment! Just thought I'd post this as a reminder to anybody interested.

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I've been holding off

I've been holding off sending you levels in the hopes that I'd make more, but so far that hasn't really happened. I am hoping to make at least one more this week, co-designed with my wife.

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I sent you some levels, but

I sent you some levels, but they lack sfx and music. Would you prefer it if I added audio to them?

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There is a possibility I

There is a possibility I might make tweaks to levels before adding them to the chain. These tweaks will be made in the spirit of the designer, to facilitate flow between screens. This includes the possibility of sound additions, but never subtractions. Also, I have a pretty good midi collection going. Lots of stuff to pick from.