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For the weekend of Pirate Kart V I set out to make a sequel to Barbara Kwest with Barbara herself. I wound up doing most of the work, but she contributed a number of the hiding places.

In recent years, Barbara has moved onto playing hidden object games more than adventure games, so that's the genre this time. I'm a little dismayed by the change, but she found herself needing to resort to walkthroughs more and more to play the increasingly obscure adventure games I was digging up... since she's happy with the change I guess I should just be happy too.

Compiled in TGF, so it's playable on 64-bit Windows!

Sergio Cornaga & Barbara Hill
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Edit: From 12/22/2012

I can't say I'm fond of finding games. I'm glad I didn't get punished for clicking too much. That's the worst, this one I had a little fun with... I looked everywhere for that beetle! and suitcase! I was about to close it after hearing the music stop, but i kept on.. Nice ending screen, and you really EXPLORED the clip art gallery here.. you didn't just stop at one. You kept going. And it did look like some work went into the checklist etc. kept clicking that tree thinking something was hiding behind it but it wasn't.

Edit: appending on 7/31/13

Moreso, I've noticed an increase in this genre. When I heard of Item finding genre, in the ascii world it was much more brutal, but I'm surprised a repeat of it has happened. I've actually come across one in a game giveaway that was really well polished, pc, voice acting, and had some actual production. Once in a while I like to check out new forms of gameplay, and your group's adaptation is pretty spot on, Xed out and ready to roll. The only thing missing is a snazzy hint button that has a timer where you can press it again after the timer goes back. Interesting it spawned a mini genre, but I suppose things tend to trend and it's up to us to extend upon them. I've been tempted to do a minigame in one of mine with something like this but I think I might have hit that by accident. I can fill you in with details when I"m done with it, but you know. Still will always be less brutal than spot the difference.

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That's wow...!!

That's wow...!!

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