Peter for Dinner


In 2012 there is only dating. You enter the warm, squishy mind of someone on a date with a fictitious game designer who does not exist and is not real and please do not sue me or call the police. Will it be a Fable (for) Two, or are things not as Black and White as they seem? Play Peter for Dinner, and enter the mind of someone who's already blown an hour of a two-hour time limit, and is kinda drunk and tired and panicking. Made for the Sekrit Forum Game Jam.

Concept art image by Inflammable Jim who sees all with his many 'i's.

Gap Gen
Made For: 
An event


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I totally don't get the

I totally don't get the flags in this! Nonetheless, I was able to attain two endings. Could there be more?

There could, but it would

There could, but it would involve modifying the source code. Also, flags?