Dinner for Peter


In 2012 there is dating but there is also SHOOTING. SHOOT your way into the heart of fictitious game designer who would probably not be well served by suing anyone, while avoiding cute little cookies that may look cute but will GROW YOUR BUTT and make you LESS ATTRACTIVE to fictitious game designer's eyes. Will you win at dating, or will you lose at dating? You must win. Or you will lose.

Inspired by genre/setting combinations from Mojam that they totally should have made instead. Made for the Sekrit Forum Game Jam.

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Music choice =

Music choice = appropriate.

It's a real shame that 'Dating Simulator' and 'Peter Molyneux' could never have been a combination due to both being categorised as 'genre'...

I think Mojam chose 2 genres

I think Mojam chose 2 genres and 2 mechanics (so they made an Egyptian Steampunk RTS schmup). Someone suggested this combination of mechanics and genres to me as being the middle-most options (they also suggested horror, but throwing in design elements at random takes a bit more time than 2 hours, plus I think the result is horrific enough).