Murder Thousands of Bees With a Giant Robot Mech

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A game idea I had when I was 12 but didn't get to make a reality until today.

You are a giant robot mech. Your job is to disturb bee hives in order to kill thousands of bees. You do this by flailing your giant head with wild abandon. It's a SEA OF BEES!! TIDAL WAAAAVE!

Hold Space and the Left or Right Arrow Key to cause mass destruction. Note that for technical reasons you will not be able to murder more than close to ten thousand bees. But box2d will probably crash before that happens anyway.

"BZZT!" voice by SpindleyQ. Music by Torley.

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An event


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I knew it! (I suppose I

I knew it!

(I suppose I could set maxPairs to 999999999999999 but causing box2d to crash adds an actual objective to the game so I'll just leave it like that.)

Awesome. now all you need to

Awesome. now all you need to do is travel back in time so your 12 year old self can play the game of his dreams.

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Actually I did make an

Actually I did make an attempt at this when I was 12.

Basically my friend Joey and I came up with the idea of "pointless games," games which didn't really have a goal and were more about amusing yourself. One of my ideas was a game involving a robot mech assaulting bee hives. I actually did get a (very) small portion of it done in MMF 1.5. I was gonna do all the graphics by hand and everything, but I didn't feel like it so I just used the default MMF diamond sprites. I was also gonna have limb animation, but I didn't get to that either. So uhh it didn't really get anywhere.

I must say, Hot Clavicle and Murder Bees both stay pretty true to my original vision of "pointless games" and this rendition of Murder Bees is far, far better than what my 12-year old self probably would have produced. I think I may submit a couple more "pointless games" to the Pirate Kart because I think they're fun to both make and play (if only for the box2d abuse).

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EffBee? More like FUCK

EffBee? More like FUCK BEES, amirite?

Seriously delightful. I should dig up some of my game designs from 16 years ago and see what I can slap together.

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oh god blanketed with bees

oh god blanketed with bees

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"Source code" release. Note

"Source code" release. Note that the music was removed for this release.

Sidenote: For some reason MMF2 HWA seems to have totally stopped working on my system... only the software renderer seems to work. Weird...

KillBees_src.mfa1.49 MB