Reverse-engineering Klik & Play .GAM files

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I'm close! I've been plugging away at it for a couple of hours every other evening or so. Every time I poke at it, I get a little bit closer to cracking what I need to know, which is really pretty cool.

(To be clear: What I have is still far, far away from a full understanding of the file format that would be required to, say, write them, or put together some sort of KlikVM. But I am one structure away from pulling out proper animation data, which feels really awesome.)


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Just a note to mention that

Just a note to mention that I've picked this project up again. Reverse-engineering (uncompressed, unencrypted) file formats is fun and rewarding work! I can eyeball the structure of the animation data now, it's just a matter of deducing exactly how to skip all of the empty animations.

Once I figure that out, then we should be able to have automated animated GIF generation, with proper naming and everything! Hooray!