Edgar, The Jet Penguin

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Control edgar, the jet penguin as he infiltrates the evil fortress made out of megaman 1's sprites!

Press Shift button to jump, and CTRL to activate the jet.
To get a boost, hold right or left and then hit CTRL.
To boost up, stop, hold Shift and then CTRL.

This may seem to you a bit hard to perform, and you're right!

EDIT: Node 3000! I Win!

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An event


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I just want you guys

to know i'm the owner of node 3000.

don't know what it is? well, it's that URL thing. every post has its own node. sergiocornaga has 1000, spindleyQ 2000. who'll be the next? me? you? And most importantly... Who cares?

Hey congratulations Mr. 3000

I'm glad you got it, and over a year later it gets bumped. I think I saw this a while back and started it last year because I already had it downloaded, but thought I'd play through and leave comments. The penguin has a jetpack, it works rather well if you time it right. Bath tubs are quite an improbable obstacle but they are apparent in this one. The splash screen at the end was vague but it was a good end. I am happy to have played through it and a continuing expedition wouldn't be off-putting at all.