Boxed In

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It's not often a game comes along that redefines everything.

Boxed In, this (soon-to-be) seminal masterpiece, is sure to inspire a new generation of aesthetic beauty and gameplay innovation in the years to come. From the hubris written on the faces of the 'enemies' (their motives are explored sufficiently throughout this masterpiece of a narrative to be questioned ) to the way in which the first person perspective is used (dare I say crafted?), this is surely a work of art on the level of Hesse's Siddharta, Capotes "In cold blood" and those rare truly beautiful films such as Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi.

If I can recommend one game for every human being alive to play, it would be this. Mr. Ebert, the onus is on you to decry videogames as an artistic work in the face of THIS!


Rated 1 star, wouldn't even work on my iPhone

Good Stuff

this game satisfies my hunger for murdering zeds and boxing. it makes me sweaty down below when i see planks of wood flying through the streets and lining the town with a thick layer of box flesh. this game has completed my life, there is nothing left for me to do now except go into the forest and quietly kill myself. thank you.