Leaping Lizabeth and the RISING MAGMA of DOOM

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Leaping Lizabeth and the RISING MAGMA OF DOOM. A "pixel-perfect" platformer (no grid! no tiles!) by McFunkypants. Use the arrow keys or W,A,S,D to run and jump, platformer-style, all the way to the very top of the map where you will reach the safety zone. Be FAST: the volcano is erupting and the rising tide of liquid death is growing near! How fast can you make it to the top?

Written in HTML5 canvas, works on any device (tested on Playstation3 at 35fps and Android Phones at 40fps and Windows 7 at 60fps in all new browser versions) and attains pretty decent framerate. Uses the JAWSJS game engine. The level was created in photoshop: no grid or tiles were used in the making of this game.

Visit http://www.mcfunkypants.com for tons of other games. Have fun!

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I reached the safety zone! One of the better games I've played in this Pirate Kart bundle. Nice work.

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This game is really pretty!

This game is really pretty! A bit buggy, though... touching the Safety Zone did nothing, I got stuck in a wall to the left of the Safety Zone, the lava continued to rise past the Safety Zone and I could see the bottom of the lava graphic and lastly I got stuck in a cycle of eternal death. But whatever, I can just use my imagination as far as win conditions and the like are concerned.

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I really, really like this.

I really, really like this. Your respawning is more generous than I would've been, but that's probably a good thing! Love the aesthetic.