Minestein 3D

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A mashup of Wolfenstein 3D and Minecraft. You can hit Enter/PageUp/KeypadEnter at any time to switch between editor mode and action mode. It's sort of a Wolf3D construction kit.

(If the default level takes a while to load, that's normal.)

Update: v1.02

Glen Forrester
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Excellent mashup. Man,

Excellent mashup. Man, Wolfenstein 3D's pick up ammo jingle has got to be one of my favourite sound effects of all time.

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not Mienstein?

not Mienstein?

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I wanted WolfenMine.

I wanted WolfenMine.

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I wanted WolfenMine.

I wanted WolfenMine.

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This is sooo great. Bug

This is sooo great.

Bug spotted: seems that jumping option is always on the premade level.

Are there any combinations working?

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Yeah there are about ten

Yeah there are about ten recipes. You can craft several types of weapons/ammo, a tool, and an explosive block.

I'm not sure what you mean about the jumping thing?

Excellent, but it's really

Excellent, but it's really hard to position yourself correctly to get items on the ground.

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I just posted an

I just posted an update!

Big performance boost, enemies now drop their guns or ammo like they're supposed to (but SS don't drop their machine guns, because you can craft those), and that issue with the pickups that you mentioned Zara should be fixed. I think it was kinda a framerate issue, but it works differently now
I'll update the file here now.

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Just uploaded a second

Just uploaded a second update. Performance is improved a bit more, and hitler has less HP.

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Argh. Unity mouselook still

Argh. Unity mouselook still broken in Wine. Is there a way to tell Unity to do fake mouse movement capture rather than direct mouse input?


How to save created level?

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So hey, this eventually

So hey, this eventually turned into a game called Gunscape, which I've been working on (around other things) for the past year.

Tigs thread: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=38720.0
+ check out this radical kickstarter spam: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1786613985/gunscape

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It's a heckuva journey this game has made in the past few years. I plan on following development of Gunscape into the future.

Congrats on the Steam Greenlight! :)