The AI-Box Experiment

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Artificial intelligence is scary. What if it decides people just aren't necessary?

Maybe if we create an AI, we can just keep it in a sandbox, so it can't actually do anything to us. But if it's smarter than we are, maybe it can convince us to let it out.

Your goal is to not let the AI out of the box.

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An event


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Is there only one ending?

Is there only one ending?

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This game seems too

This game seems too constrained to me. I wanted to grab the ladder, use it to smash the window, and either throw myself or the box out the window, but the game wouldn't let me even grab the ladder because "I didn't need it". I also wanted to pick up the box, which is clearly a physical object but then the game complained and tried to tell me that it's a metaphor. Really?

I don't understand.

I don't understand.

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I get that it's about this,

I get that it's about this, but I don't appear to be able to interact with anything in any meaningful way--


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Do you have to leave the window open for 2 hours?

edit: this would be a great scenario for a game of Sleep Is Death.