a truck on which to dump stuff

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Felt bad about having so many little, unfinished things on my hard drive, so I dun fixed'em up. Most of it is from last year.

Inter-dimensional Fish: Can you make it to vacation island without losing your parallel selves?

Ninja: I wanted to see how much I remembered about my first, awful game. The MIDI song choices are 99% accurate!

Ultimate Maze: Ultimate Maze will put your maze escaping skills to the test. Then it will break you into a million pieces. You might as well not even attempt to escape, let alone download Ultimate Maze.

Holy Animal Olympics: Old prototype for the TIGS "bootleg demake" compo. I didn't pursue it because it was just a one-note gag, not really touching on anything that made Zoo Race funny in the first place.


Sensitive Elbows: This is the only one of substantial length. The first installment of the YOU ARE INJURED GO TO THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW trilogy.
edit: oops, uploaded an old version. fixed

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"Ultimate Maze will put your

"Ultimate Maze will put your maze escaping skills to the test. Then it will break you into a million pieces. You might as well not even attempt to escape, let alone download Ultimate Maze."

Challenge accepted.

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These graphics are totally

These graphics are totally awesome!

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Interfish: it was

Interfish: it was interesting to discover that it was the edges of my multiplied fish that needed to be guarded, while the middle was in no danger. But it became too hard to finish (might try again later)

Ninja: Modestly frustrating KnP Platforming. I don't think I understood the ending.

ULTImaze: I played this for too long. My superhuman patience coupled with the long time it took for the randomly appearing judge to loop his messages lead me to believe there might be an ending (not too shabby with the 3D stacking, could use some isometric adjustment, though)

Holy Animal Olympics: Bizarre. (not as bizarre as the original).

Not bob's game: While playing bobtris, I actually did think of your KnP Tetris. I thought of a lot of tetris knockoffs that were so much more fun than removing one block. Then I turned off the DS.

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intefish: The bottom fish is

intefish: The bottom fish is in danger of falling into the holes. Due to the holes wrapping the moment they touch the left border, you can burrow the bottom fish into the lower left corner and win by doing nothing. oops!

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sensitive elbows is a

sensitive elbows is a marvelous game.

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Inter-dimensional Fish and

Inter-dimensional Fish and Ultimate Maze: you are really doing some fantastic stuff with the repeating sprites. and i'm in love with the opening screen of fish

I love how NotBobsGame capture that little clicky sound fx - that really stands out from the demo

I admit I didn't give sensitive elbows the time it deserved... i got frustrated because the shoulders are pretty god damn sensitive too... but I couldn't escape the feeling like "THIS IS WHAT ITS LIKE WHEN MICHAEL FLATLEY HAS TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL STAT"

overall, especially w/ the repeating sprite work, I'm kind of in awe of what you're doing with this

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Glad you find it amusing.

Glad you find it amusing. It's one of the few KNP effects I've found that is interesting to look at and very simple to initialize. There's not much I can do with it regarding actual gameplay, though. KNP's hard-coded object limit is 256, and if that is reached, collision events stop working. there are also issues with draw order and stuff, so ... I'm kind of at a brick wall with it.