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Hey lost little fox, remember what Momma said.

Beau Blyth / Teknopants
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An event


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this reminds me of a ludum

this reminds me of a ludum dare game i made, where monsters came for you if you strayed off the path but you had about a moment of safety that you could use to hop from path to path. the tumbleweeds are kind of impossible.

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I really like this,

I really like this, particularly its aesthetics. Excellent work with the weather effects! The tumbleweeds are perhaps a bit too unforgiving.

Is the game winnable? I got to a winter level with a SPOILER moving flower, and I could not figure a way around that.

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Awwww, I won I love this

Awwww, I won
I love this game.

This is adorable and

This is adorable and relaxing! And yes, winnable ;)

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Really beautiful. You're

Really beautiful. You're extremely good at creating atmosphere (whatever that means)!

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Oh man I think I am going to

Oh man I think I am going to start using "creating atmosphere" as a euphemism for farting