Where is the invisible Elephant?

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After the big success of Where is the Elephant? I give to you the long awaited sequel Where is the invisible Elephant?

Made For: 
An event


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now shits getting serious

fight cheating bastards with bastard cheating

with my left hand on my drawing tablet and the right applying rapid mashing skillz on the mouse button i was still able to find him relatively fast

but seriously dude you're a great trainwrecker

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haha why thank you

also I don't exactly get what you did there / how you have cheated. it sounds like your computer and especially MY GAME support multi touch so you could use your mouse AND your tablet to be twice as fast. i am VERY sure ive read that wrong unless my games do support multi touch. i havent posted this one anywhere else yet as in: i didn't make an SWF yet since only cool people exe files as in i am wondering if people will play this but i think this one will only get maybe 500 views and won't beat those insane 77 000 views the original got. seriously this is about making retarded games. keep on trainwrecking, glorious trainwrecks :)

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im stupid ,tired and maybe a bit drunk

yeah i just realized that that would be exactly the same thing as just moving the mouse with my other hand, though a tad slower clicking and less smooth area coverage

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oh btw

i was going to say I've scaled up the sprite since it was super hard with it's normal size

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I gave up at the "You are

I gave up at the "You are just in for the song, i bet". my fingers are hurting a lot.

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i bet you are wondering

how many achievements there are in total

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Made it to 35 for some

Made it to 35 for some reason.

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haha epic

have you found the cheat?

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Egad what no!

Egad what no!