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I love the excessive

I love the excessive effects! The ending dialogue was quite amusing. The title sounds like something The Video Game Name Generator would come up with.

Possible E3 winner right here.

While I, along with the rest of the audience I'm sure, was adequately impressed by this years line-up of games for my greedy senses to devour, I felt something... missing.

And what was missing, my dear ladies and gentlemen, was inspiration.

Inspiration, innovation, talent, call it by any name, but the end result is the same: a quality game.
The story begins with, from the players perspective, a computerized woman (a pre-cursor to portals GladOS here, I believe?) giving the player instructions to start the game; a beautiful piece of meta-narrative, which will most likely not go by without stirring up the gaming world at least a bit.

But the beauty in this game lies, of course, in the magnificent gameplay, designed as if by gods to bring you an addictive experience with real-time particle effects and encouraging calls from the computerized woman around which the game revolves.

I can not reccomend this masterpiece enough.