Lemmings Death Ball

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Upside-down breakout crossed with Lemmings. Don't let the Lemmings escape! Make them fall to their death, crush them under a giant metal ball, and make them explode! Featuring three mostly-untested levels.

Game made for the Kickstarter reward game idea "Lemmings, only if there are survivors at the end of the course, you lose"

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An event


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524 points, 0 saved

524 points, 0 saved

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485 points, 0 saved

Don't know if I really earned this score, though. I was playing in TGF and the game glitched midway through, preventing my ball from destroying anything for a while, during which time a few lemmings survived my ball and walked past the exit appearing at the bottom of the screen.

EDIT: Oh my, there's more than one level? Whoops. Will play again soon!

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Wait, there are multiple

Wait, there are multiple levels? The time limit on the (first?) one seemed tuned for a pirate-kart-game-length.

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lev2, lev3, end

I just wanted an excuse to use more lemmings midis. There's also a dumb ending.

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All Lemmings MIDIs all the

All Lemmings MIDIs all the time.

I love this kind of mash up. Really well done.

Between this and Mike's, I kind of wanna make my own Lemmings-murder game now.

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haha epic youve made a game

haha epic youve made a game for the kickstarters