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Reinforce social mores and take a leaf out of the book of chivalry in
A game about polite dinosaurs.

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An event


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This behaves REALLY oddly in

This behaves REALLY oddly in my VirtualBox Windows XP install.

Basically, it quits immediately to a Klik & Play advertisement splash screen. So I open it up in Klik & Play, where I can see like 7 frames, but when I select "Play game as finished", it quits immediately, and if I try to open the editors on any frame but the last, the screen just flashes and it stays on the storyboard view!

Super disappointed because I've been looking forward to a new captaincabinets release for YEARS you guys don't even KNOW

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Yeah, I couldn't get this

Yeah, I couldn't get this working either, but I figured it was because I was opening it in TGF so I didn't speak up...

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The archive is missing tlbc.img

Strange behavior for KnP on missing a critical game asset file!

edit: that's also why the last screen worked: nothing but text and quick backdrops!

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Not exactly strange

Not exactly strange behavior. After all, this is Klik & Play we're talking about.

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Oh jeez you guys, to think

Oh jeez you guys, to think that I was once a professional at this whole enterprise. Anyway, it's fixed. Well, you can play the game at least, which is a truly dubious reward. Thanks for the heads up!

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I enjoyed it, especially the

I enjoyed it, especially the moral at the end.