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I almost forgot to post about this! This is because I am negligent.

WOOOOOOO GLORIOUS TRAINWRECKS IS TWO YEARS OLD! Year Two was completely fucking rhinawesomeness, guys! THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Post your tributes to this thread!

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So I've kind of been working

So I've kind of been working on a little silly project to release today, which is kind of not quite ready yet because I haven't made the time to clean it up and make it usable. I've attached some screenshots, though -- try to guess what it might be!

If you guess right I'll put it up anyway.

03_Apr_2009-16_44_959000.png181.07 KB
03_Apr_2009-16_40_554000.png117.17 KB
03_Apr_2009-16_35_174000.png198.58 KB
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a glorious trainwreck

a glorious trainwreck

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Well, true enough! Here,

Well, true enough!

Here, have some more screenshots.

24_Apr_2009-23_27_625000.png109.19 KB
24_Apr_2009-23_25_984000.png301.34 KB
24_Apr_2009-23_23_546000.png36.04 KB
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It looks totally off the

It looks totally off the rails.

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I can't quite figure out

I can't quite figure out what's happening in the images. They appear to be pure Kollages, and I don't see any reoccurring theme or object between screens. Perhaps a warrio ware game? Or is it even a game? Could it be a non-interactive retelling of some blockbuster film or classic novel through allegorical use of pre-made sprites? Can I even be sure it is in KnP, given the recent creation of a tool to move the art assets out of the libraries? It's quite the mystery.

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"Kollage" is a good

"Kollage" is a good word.

Almost there!

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Wait, does this mean there's

Wait, does this mean there's going to be a Year Two pack?

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I'd love to have a Year Two

I'd love to have a Year Two pack, but it literally took me weeks to put everything together and attach metadata to it the last time I did it. (Kirk was a big help.)

If people want to volunteer to help with metadata, I'd be happy to gather up all the actual software. (Although the menu is still awful.)