101-in-1 Amaze-o-Kart!

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That's right! 101 UNIQUELY titled and designed games for your playing pleasure! Starring five characters (including the return of Bulb Boy from The Adventures of Bulb Boy and Anetta from Ghost Witch), the possibilities are endless (or 101)!

Press X to jump. Press Z to hit switches. Arrow keys move and scroll down the MASSIVE GAME MENU. ENTER to select a game.

Enjoy! Can you beat them all?!*

*Note: there's no reward for beating them all. Honest.

John D. Moore
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This is a really interesting

This is a really interesting take on the idea of making a zillion games!

Some things stood out to me:

  1. Oh my goodness, you actually manually titled every level, that's actually a ton of work in and of itself because naming is hard
  2. The swapped-out graphics actually have a surprisingly big impact on the feel of the level! You touch on this with some of the level names, but the thematic coherence and overall vibe kinda contribute a story to the level, and the titles flesh out those stories. So this is a pretty interesting experiment in sorta-economic storytelling.
  3. I liked the progression as you had to become more and more creative with the level titles as you approached 100. I don't think I understood most of the references.
  4. The background music is hella relaxing, I like that it doesn't just restart every time you go to the menu. I kinda wish it kept playing when you entered a game.
  5. Annette is my favorite character
  6. 90 and 91 have Merlin in the title, but feature Devil Dave -- I thought that was really interesting from a storytelling standpoint. You built a format, set expectations, and violated those expectations, and thereby made a joke that literally only you could make, and that's neat.