Shirtspeare Shirtspeare Revolution: The Designening

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I want a Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution t-shirt. I am not a graphic designer. Here is what I have:

Now, I would not be ashamed to wear such a shirt, but I wonder if it couldn't be punched up a bit. And I wonder if you fine people would like to help!


  1. I've doctored the screenshot enough that I wouldn't find it a terrible sin to replace the default Klikfont with some real Shakespearean shit.
  2. If there's a spot that would be drastically helped by the addition of a different colour, it needs to be a great big spot that I can block off with masking tape, and not a detail.
  3. Where does the glow-in-the-dark go? Shakespeare's sunglasses? The word "SPLEENY"?
  4. Definitely needs more hamburgers/umbrellas.

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so happy to see this

so happy to see this underway!

so you have a grey scale option, not strictly b+w?

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Well, the mandate of

Well, the mandate of Glorious Trainwrecks is to get off your ass and create. I'm kind of in the process of updating my personal style, and I'm thinking, why the hell not make my own damn shirts? It's not like I'll ever be able to get, say, this on a shirt if I don't just fucking do it myself.

As I understand it, the dithering done automatically when I print it out does the job of greyscale for me. Crossing my fingers, because the hamburger looks really bad dithered to straight black + white at this resolution.

Potential slogan for the back: "Play this game and make your own at Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com"
(The official font of the Glorious Trainwrecks Logo is called Abstrakt if someone wants to take a shot at this.)

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why rhyme spleeny when thou

why rhyme spleeny when thou canst rhyme VERILY?

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what is shakin'

Not great, but maybe it's a start. Thoughts?

(i know those hamburgers do not look like hamburgers i can not make hamburgers right okay)

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those umbrellas and

those umbrellas and hamburgers aren't in iambic pentameter

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also i really really miss

also i really really miss the wagging hand

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It's a start indeed.

I made a number of well-received shirt designs back in Highschool, so I'll give this a try this weekend.

Do you have the vector version available?

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you going w/ spindly's or

you going w/ spindly's or six's?

(I prefer the former at this point.... we need the hand! and maybe spleeny is less obvious than verily...)

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Sure, here's the Illustrator

Sure, here's the Illustrator file and an SVG. Tweaked a few things -- a more angular Speare, tried to make burgers a little more identifiable -- but the source images I used are still hidden in the .ai for you to mess with. Incidentally, it'd be better in portrait orientation for a shirt, but I haven't rearranged the layout yet.

speare.7z1.02 MB
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Oh look I wrote a sonnet at work today

Behold: Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution;
a game of kings and beggars just the same.
The bard alone knows the true solution
and inquires of all: "Have thou got game?"

"Timing is rhyming" be thy only clue
(the truth of which obscured by brand-name shades).
A wave of his index finger, then spew
'brellas and burgers from depths of Hades!

Match what thou can to when the time is right;
don't forget iambic pentameter!
Then try as thou might to fight the good fight,
for in the end thy grade is no letter.

Verily denied, without a genie.
For in truth, thou beest rhymin' spleeny.