So Geocities is shutting down...

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Any favorite sites? Perhaps some KNP-related things that should be preserved?

This appears to be the homepage of a spam bot. What it does on its days off is its own business!

This year, he persuaded Mikhail Gorbachev to pose for an ad, at the same time satisfying the mainstream with vampy shots of Scarlett Johansson.If uncorrected, this delay could result in improperly low ages.

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Someone should probably do a

Someone should probably do a pass through the Klik & Play webring -- I'm sure there must be some Geocities gems in there.

I once had a Geocities website which was a sort of half-tongue-in-cheek guide to breaking copy protection, written in the most egregious l33t-speak I could muster. I even rendered a "D ULT1M4T3 CR4CK3RZ H4NDB00K" logo in POV-RAY. The thing that amused me about it was that it was actually technically accurate; I knew _just_ enough to have had a little bit of success, and I laid it out. I also set up a custom hotmail address (surely lost to the winds of time now) and got a few hilarious emails to it, emulating my horrible writing style, begging me to teach them to be hackers. Good times.

I'm pretty sure I also had a Geocities website that I created without access to a graphical web browser. I remember it looking pretty goddamn special once I could finally see it in Netscape.

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Huh, I remember this game.


I wonder if Sword Girl and the Poison Water still exists...

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Thank you, Geocities, for

Thank you, Geocities, for without you, I never would have known that prominent webcartoonist David Willis was, in a previous life, a Klik & Play auteur.

(Downloadable here, for the morbidly curious.)

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Someday I'll upload that

Someday I'll upload that "FUTURE FANTASY RPG" I got off a geocities page a few months ago. The best part was the attempt at "Anime Cut Scenes".

edit: ha, I think that game's creator is still in action, making stuff. Also, a quick search reveals there's not too much KnP stuff left on geocities:

see here.

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I think Google might be

I think Google might be throwing away results that haven't been updated in 10 years, because I didn't see Ben's Klik & Play Page (the guestbook is completely worth checking out) or Creation Madness ("Nonsense" is amazing) in the list.

Now I've gotta try some alternative search engines. Oh MAN.