Obliterate The States

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I was thinking about this game just this minute and thought it would be a good addition to the Trainwreck Gallery. Well it would if I could find a working link to the bloody thing as the only one I've found is a dead FortuneCity link. Kind of makes me wish I had saved a copy from 1998 or so since it is a "Klik" game, that sort of thing seems to be in vogue around these parts. All I could get of it was a description I yanked from some site;

"OBLITERATE THE STATES - The wacky yet entirely eco-friendly alternative to real-life military conflicts!" Four levels of challenging gameplay can be yours as you take on the guise of the Iraqi dictator himself and set out to free yourself from the oppression of the capitalist Western imperialists. Dodge the cycling figure of Kofi Anan, beat up Bruce Lee clones, take off into space to rescue stranded space monkeys and finally face Bill Clinton in a battle of the heavyweights..."

Which I think speaks for itself, really.

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Welcome, newcomer! I

Welcome, newcomer!
I actually managed to track down a copy through archive.org. Dude had quite the portfolio!

  1. Primate Soccer Pro: World Cup 98
  2. Obliterate the States
  3. Joey Deacon's Wheelchair Speedway Challenge
I will be playing these tonight!

I remember years ago coming across a Klik & Play game that I never actually downloaded, thinking that I could find it again later. Of course, now all is lost. All I remember about it now is that the description was in rhyming couplets, and that one of the lines was "You throw fat guys from a plane!"