Duel in Concert: Piano Man X Tambourine Man

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This fickle concert audience keeps changing its mind: Does it want The Piano Man to play them a song? Or do they want Mr. Tambourine Man to play? Spotlight the right one at the right moment to get points! Beat my high score of 30,920!

(The game has an ending when both songs finish ~2:15)

John D. Moore
Made For: 
An event


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I liked it! Toyed well with

I liked it! Toyed well with my desire to keep listening to a song in progress.

Sequel Idea: Dylan's "Tambourine Man" X The Byrds' "Tambourine Man"

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great idea

not that challenging to be honest but still i like the idea. maybe if there were more musicians or people moving but hey its a trainwreck so it made me laugh but over 40 MB gee. guess its because you had to use WAVs cause game maker doesnt do OGG or mp3?