The Negging Wife: Gaiden: The Rhinoceros Poop Adventures


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hahaha this is fucking awesome

I had to laugh so hard about it. I am also impressed and surprised it didn't get blammed YAY So I didn't have to step in and save the game or just see a "delete game" page. anyways I simply had to:

Your experience gave you a voting power of 6.07 votes. Your blam and protection points gave you an additional 4% of your experience power, meaning that your total vote power was worth 6.31 votes!

I just had to laugh so badly when she said Rhinoceros. I don't even know how you did that. I am sorry for not having provided the WAV so can you export WAV files out of TGF 2 NE or how did you fiddle around with the sound file? anyways super hilarious work and I think it's just really funny if you know the other parts. I feel like making more with more different animals just for the sake of the luls.

I've also loved the pooping animation. Big eyes are the key and quite an improvement to the original I say.

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TFG2 does include options

TFG2 does include options for exporting and replacing audio files, yes. I could easily have recorded stereo mix with Audacity if not, though.

I attached the MFA to the NewGrounds submission if you feel like compiling it for me!

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i dont see it

where do i get the MFA so i can build you an exe?