Community Chainwreck 2 and 1/2: Episode 1

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Decided I would go ahead and get the first episode out even though there's still five days to go.

This episode pretty much establishes the main plot. I tried to go for something coherent instead of just all-out random. Hopefully I did a decent job on expanding Yellow Jogger as a character.

Also this has the first two levels of the game, which are both pretty short.

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What resolution is this?

What resolution is this?

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Oh,Right,it has seperate

Oh,Right,it has seperate EXEs.

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800x600 is the resolution I

800x600 is the resolution I typically use for my games these days unless I have a good reason to use something else.

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I kind of wish holding down

I kind of wish holding down the U key at the end would do something

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I can make it do something

I can make it do something if you want.

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Nice reference... Mr Stump's. :)

(TDC veteran here)