Sex Kitten Crime Spree

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forkheads brings you another fucking insane game from the infamous although not caut up to social media.. sex kitten games

yes there's alot of sexually explicit material in here and no, this is not by any means stolen

this is made entirely for humor and,, honestly i dont really care if its offensive, infact, thats half its point, but, heres your warning

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An event


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a cleavage window and

a cleavage window and shitapai? now that's overdoing the breast tropes

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rough translations

well, overdoing is what we do!
or something, im not entirely sure what soidsoj your saying

There is one earth! If we split it, there will be two!

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This is... porn. Why did

This is... porn.

Why did you put porn on my website.

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I'm guessing it's not as

I'm guessing it's not as tasteful as "This Game Stars My Penis?"

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"This Game Stars My Penis"

"This Game Stars My Penis" is definitely skating on very thin ice; I think maybe I mentally give it a pass because I knew Swimmy online for some time before he made it. (The charming smiley face helps too.)

But yeah, this is way below that bar.

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Well, after all that talk about "flooding Newgrounds with trainwrecks", now we're getting a taste of a "Newgrounds trainwreck". Apparently it tastes like cartoon porn.

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indeed and there's

indeed and there's robotnikXgrounder yiff art shit in it

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after all that talk about "flooding Newgrounds with trainwrecks"

what are you talking about?

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Back when The Games Factory 2: Newgrounds Only Edition was released, there was a lot of talk about using it to convert tons of Klik & Play trainwrecks to swf format, and flooding Newgrounds with them. A couple of factors kept anybody from actually spamming Newgrounds with games, though (only 2 uploads per day, midi needed to be converted to wav).

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from your rules it didnt

from your rules it didnt look like porn was dissallowed at all

and its more about the dialouge

There is one earth! If we split it, there will be two!

The land of the free is at

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OK, let me spell out the

OK, let me spell out the ways in which I am uncomfortable with your behaviour here.

  1. You've submitted a game whose target audience is implicitly straight men. Glorious Trainwrecks tries to be a welcoming community and a safe space for people's creativity, and I, for one, am very uncomfortable with people submitting games where every female character is named something like "Slutty McSlut" and "Coketits", and exists solely for the sexual gratification of the player. It does not foster a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. You didn't even bother to mention that your game has explicitly pornographic scenes in the description.
  3. You submitted your game to the highest-profile event on the site, after that event had ended; this behaviour will make your game very prominent in the launcher. I am *extremely* uncomfortable with the idea of this game being one of the first people see when they boot up the Pirate Kart.
  4. You have an obnoxiously large advertisement for your community at the bottom of every post you make.
  5. You submitted a game very obviously made for a different community; to the point that it explicitly says that if you're not playing this game on your website or Newgrounds, it's probably stolen. Is it stolen?

For Glorious Trainwrecks to work, the people here have to treat others with decency; longtime members of the community as well as outsiders. It's a more important rule than the "break the rules" rule. Please respect our community.

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Well, since youve reasoned with me

I have now changed things a bit, one, i added a warning and will be adding one to any new games submitted here
two, they do not exist soey for sexual gratification, they exist solely for incredibly crude humor, its a style we have used for 10 years and dont plan stopping, and we are certainly not against gays lesbians, or anyone for that matter.. are you a blob? fine with us
this game isnt made for a welcoming atmosphere, its kinda meant to be an ass, as pointed out by all the crude humor in it

i have taken it away from the event, and put it on testing

I submitted it here by request of an outsider forkhead and determined this place to be a legitimate community that would accept it, perhaps, considering your general humourus outlook on things, you seem to not have the same outlook on this
well, while it wasnt actually made for a community in general, sex kitten games have been long time put on newgrounds and the site, and there have been people stealing it all over, while we normaly dont ahve a problem with this, some decided to dissollow the link back to our site, which we did have a problem with, thus, the fine print

I hope we still ahve a future here, provided appropiate warnings

should i put "OH FUCK, ITS A SEX KITTEN GAME, STAY THE FUCK AWAY" on every single one? that would be fun

There is one earth! If we split it, there will be two!

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i don't really care if its

i don't really care if its offensive or whatever but this game isn't actually funny (it tries too hard to be)

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for 10 years people have

for 10 years people have both hated and loved, laughed and despised the extreme absurdity, and ridiculousness, its all a matter of taste, but, it certainly is funny to some, and that's good enough, we wont stop making them, and we certainly wont stop trying to hard, as thats what we do

If anything its the epitome of a trainwreck, otherwise, i wouldnt have put it here

There is one earth! If we split it, there will be two!

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on another note

another thing i fully respect is how you simply said you were uncomfortable with what went on rather then straight out banning me from stuff
so, yes, i fully respect your community

There is one earth! If we split it, there will be two!

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I am ok with this game. I mean, it's pretty tasteless and it's not really the kind of thing I personally want to see, but to hell with what I want. Being a welcoming place for everyone and their games means welcoming even the things you don't like or wouldn't want to be associated with. I understand if that's not what glorioustrainwrecks is trying to be, though.

(also FWIW: newer versions of the launcher do not, by default, show most recent games first. it uses a random order)

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whoa this game's amazing I

whoa this game's amazing I like how you have to work hard so you can talk to msn d00d.. This game is quick fun and to the point.. I don't understand how it's really a porn game since porn involves animation and there's little, but this game was just fun as hell, interface was weird but fun nevertheless. It made you want to go to the zoo and eat at the fast food place with the higher prices. but it makes you feel special cuz it's at a historical monument so the prices are justified d00d. SOOO justified. There might not be as many choices but if you follow your heart it's sure to lead you to your desination and all that sorta stuff..

And if you got a problem with it, just blame the designer handbags.

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Thats the kinda response i

Thats the kinda response i was looking for! although, im not sure about putting more games here, you can go to the homepage if you want more

also, i do indeed consider it porn, just not the kinda porn most find