One-Button GIRP

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So while at GDC I heard a story about this game. Apparently, while he was making it (at GDC), a "usability guru" came up and started talking to him about it. His suggestion: Use fewer keys. It's too complicated to use all ten numbers to denote points on the screen; people will get confused.

So of course upon hearing this well-meaning but obviously misguided advice, I decided to make One-Button GIRP.

Hold in the space bar to gather strength, release to launch yourself in the air. You grab handholds automatically, assuming you're not moving too fast to grab onto it. (In practice this means your "jumps" have to be pretty carefully calibrated.)

Sound effects by Daphny.

Jeremy Penner
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I think that guy missed the

I think that guy missed the point of a game titled "YOU LOSE!!11"